23-0325-SSE-E – Introduction to the Cambridge Life Competencies Framework

In recent years, ELT materials have included a focus on skills other than the traditional four (reading, listening, writing & speaking). These further skills include ones such as study skills and digital skills. Cambridge has introduced a suite of competencies it calls the Cambridge Life Competencies Framework, or CLC for short.
This workshop offers an overview of the several components of the CLC and to take a look at some of the resources in more depth: Thinking and Learning comprises Creative Thinking, Critical Thinking, Learning to Learn, and Digital Literacy, while Social Skills comprises Communication, Collaboration, Emotional Development, and Social Responsibilities. Participants are encouraged to discuss both approaches and potential activities for application in the context of their own teaching situations.

Cours en anglais


Nombre de places

8 – 12


John Potts


Andere Institutionen CHF 100.00
VHS-Kursleitende CHF 75.00


Sa 25.03.2023 09:30 – 13:00
Volkshochschule Zürich AG
Bärengasse 22
8001 Zürich