21-0904-SSE-E – Grammar workshop: conditional and subjunctive patterns for English language teachers

In this second grammar workshop for teachers, we’ll look at the range of conditional and subjunctive patterns in English, and analyze them in depth where necessary. In particular, we’ll focus on concepts relating to factual and counterfactual meanings with reference to verb forms. We’ll also look at how conditional and subjunctive patterns express a range of functions, as well as pronunciation, use/formality, syntax, and British and North American varieties as appropriate.

Additionally, we’ll look at ways of introducing and practising some of these patterns in class, using a range of approaches and activities.

We’ll especially focus on meanings that can cause problems for learners (and teachers!), and you as participants will be able to determine the agenda for the workshop as far as practicable so that your specific questions/issues can be addressed.

Cours en anglais


Nombre de places

6 – 12


John Potts


Prix régulier CHF 100.00
Membres UP CHF 75.00


Sa 04.09.2021 09:30 – 13:30
Volkshochschule Zürich AG
Bärengasse 22
8001 Zürich