18-180421-SSE-E1 – English Life and Sounding English

Classroom materials for various aspects of English life, including customs and celebrations, regional language variations, British vs American English, short stories for cultural insight (read before the seminar), and film extracts for classroom use will be provided, as well as numerous task-based lessons on PowerPoint relating to life in Britain.  Then there will be fun activities to help learners improve their use of sounds, stress and intonation when speaking English, including songs, rhymes, dictation, the Sound Chart, film extracts and lots of humour to help the pronunciation go down.  Website references, tools and Apps will also be provided.

Kurssprache: Englisch


Anzahl Plätze

9 – 20


JEUNCOMM, Lausanne

rue Haldimand 18
1003 Lausanne


Graham Workman


Andere Institutionen CHF 250.00
VSV-Mitglieder CHF 150.00


Sa 21.04.2018 10:00 – 17:00